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Ronnie McGregor.

I am currently looking for a development position in Vancouver.

In 2015 I graduated from Mount Royal University in Calgary with a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems and a Minor in Business. I was awarded the Faculty of Science and Technology Student Award for Academic Excellence in my final semester. I've created many projects from start to finish utilizing different technologies from Android to iOS and the web.


In my free time I like to take photos, play video games, read science fiction, or ride my bike. That and a lot of Netflix.





Inspection Mapper. PHP, MySQL, JavaScript.

This project crawls the Alberta Health site, then scrapes and parses the health violations of Calgary businesses. The data is displayed on a map which users can interact with or search. The Google Geocoding API is used to turn addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates. This project was created by a classmate and myself for the Advanced Web Development course at Mount Royal University taught by Ricardo Hoar.

Community Soundboard. Java, Android

This is a personal project that is just for fun. Users can play clips from the TV show or set them as their ringtone. Over 30,000 installs and a rating of 4.57/5.


This project is from the Web Application Development course taught by Randy Connolly at Mount Royal University completed by two other classmates and myself. This project utilizes a three tier design - presentation, business, and data layers. Our project was used as the example for future classes.

FlaskerNews. Python, SQLite, Flask.

This project is a clone of Hacker News. I wanted to learn python by recreating one of my most frequently visited sites. This app uses Flask as the framework, SQLite for data retention, and bcrypt for password hashing.

RollUpTrackr. PHP, SQLite, Laravel.

This is a simple web app I created to learn the Laravel framework. I wanted to try making an app using all the latest techniques such as routing, database migrations, and ORM.

Fun Stuff


I like to take photos when I can and the few that turn out decent I post to my flickr account.

One of my photos


Built with LEGO Mindstorm and LeJOS.